Character Introduction

Keiji Ito

Birthday: April 2nd

Height: 173cm

Favorite food: Curry, ramen, anything warm and spicy

Likes: Superhero movies, Green tea and fishes and other sea creatures

- Almost 20 years old young man who has lived his entire life in Shirayama.

- He's a friendly and gentle person who doesn't complain out loud. He isn't very talkative.

- He extremely hates winter and coldness, and he has some kind of phobia towards them, which causes him some anxiety and depression.

- He's trying to get in university in Tokyo to study psychology, but he failed the entrance exams last year. He's trying again this year and has been working at convenience store to save up some money.

- Currently he lives alone. His family consists of his parents, who have divorced, and a little sister.

Lumi Miyashiro

Birthday: December 22nd

Height: 160cm

Favorite food: Anything cold.

Likes: Reading

- 18-year-old girl whose mother was a Yuki Onna.

- After her parents died when she was 4, she was sent to an orphanage, where she lived until she moved to live on her own few years ago.

- Because she is "half" Yuki Onna, her mind is shattered between two parts, her human part and her Yuki Onna part. She extremely hates her mother for that.

- People think she's crazy and she is trying her best to avoid them and be unattractive so men wouldn't get attracted to her charm. She has always been alone.

- She is really insecure and shy, but she tries to act all though.

Asami Goto

Birthday: June 6th

Height: 165cm

Yoichi Hasegawa

Birthday: March 18th

Height: 162cm

Renji Kamiya

Birthday: September 14th

Height: 178cm

Favorite food: Steak

Likes: Historical books and antique

- 20-year-old young man who is studying second year in Shirayama University.

- He likes history and he collects historical items, favorite items being clocks and books.

- He is the only child in the family.

- Renji is a calm and methodical person. Everyone thought he was a smart student but actually he was just average.

- He and Yoichi met at middle school and through him, he met Keiji and Asami.



Keiji's workmate, who likes to tease him because of his fear towards cold. She actually likes winter a lot.